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New Report Cards in the Works

New Report Cards in the Works

Published: 01/14/2014

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The provincial programs of study are changing and like many other school divisions in Alberta, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is redesigning assessment and reporting practices to reflect these changes.


The introduction of new reporting processes, including a new report card, will be an important part of CBE’s work moving forward. Such work is a journey in understanding CBE’s goals of a single, systemwide report card for students in kindergarten to Grade 9 and enhanced communication between home and school.


The CBE will not be implementing a new report card for all kindergarten to Grade 9 students during the 2013- 14 school year. However, a new report card is being developed that will be reviewed and refined through feedback from students, parents and teachers over the course of the year.

Principals and school communities will also be working together to find the best ways to communicate about student learning outside of the report card itself.



In each of CBE’s kindergarten to Grade 9 schools this year, students and parents can expect that: Each student will receive a minimum

of two written report cards, one in January and one in June. Each student will receive written comments on Results 3, 4, and 5 (personal development, character, and citizenship) at least once per year. In addition to the minimum two report cards, there will be a minimum of three opportunities for parents and guardians to meet face to face with teachers to discuss student progress. This is unchanged from current practice.



Each school community will have opportunities to discuss assessment and reporting processes. Schools may begin to adapt their current reporting processes in ways that reflect a logical transitional step towards a single, system-wide report card currently under development.



Youth return to school through Encore CBE

In the first three weeks that Encore CBE opened for the 2013-14 school year, 54 youth have come to ask for help to complete high school in a way that makes sense to them.



Encore CBE is helping youth overcome their fears and successfully return to school. As of September 2013, 35 of the 54 youth had already been registered in high schools throughout Calgary, and a further 16 were in transition to school.



While not every youth decides to return to school, they leave knowing that the door is always open for them to return and that it’s never too late.



According to Sandra Mann, system assistant principal, it takes a community to remove barriers and provide another chance. Calgary Catholic School District has also been contributing staff to Encore CBE on a weekly basis so that Encore CBE is a one-stop shop for all youth in Calgary who have left school early and want to return.


For youth over the age of 19, Encore CBE works closely with Chinook Learning Services, Bow Valley College and other community partners to find funding and other supports to help them complete high school.



Excerpts from Calgary Board of Education’s news centre. See website

for complete unedited news. www.cbe.ab.ca