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CBE Classrooms Connect with the World

CBE Classrooms Connect with the World

Published: 04/15/2014 by CBE

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The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) recognizes the importance of developing young global citizens and ensuring they have the proficiencies necessary to live, work and thrive in the world. As part of this, CBE promotes international education. Students are encouraged to become socially aware leaders to promote positive change not just in their schools and communities but around the world. 


In 2010, CBE implemented its Global Learning Strategy to complement its existing Three-Year Education Plan. The strategy provides many different ways for students and staff to be global-thinkers and involved through curriculum, language and culture learning, international travel, as well as social justice activities and clubs in our schools. 


CBE also promotes global-mindedness through language programs, international exchanges, services and supports aimed at students, teachers, administrators and support staff. 


Nearly 50,000 of CBE students are learning a second language, including French, German, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Punjabi. 


Students are benefiting from forming long-distance relationships with students on the other side of the world because their schools are twinned. Connecting the schools provides opportunities for students to learn with and from each other. It also helps to broaden the knowledge and understanding of different languages, societies and cultures while helping students and teachers appreciate and respect these differences. 


CBE students learn from their teachers who are participating in teacher exchanges around the world and from international teachers who come to their classrooms, either in person or through the use of technology. Teachers are encouraged to gain an international perspective in order to offer different perspectives to their students. 


CBE provides opportunities for students to work with other learners from around the world, including more than 700 international students from 32 different countries.  The goal at CBE is to have students be responsible global citizens and encourage them to develop language and cultural skills, and to contribute to their communities. 


In November 2013, CBE was honoured for its commitment to internationally focused education by receiving the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) Board of Directors Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. This award is presented to institutions or school districts that are executing well-planned, creative and purposeful strategies for comprehensive internationalization. 

The award is recognition of CBE’s global learning strategy and unique approach that provides multiple ways for all students to experience meaningful global learning opportunities throughout their school years. Wherever possible an international perspective is integrated into curriculum, teaching and learning.